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Well, knowing the technical background does not necessarily guarantees a good picture. But not knowing the techniques does certainly guarantees that you do not reach the best possible result.
Pretty much the same is with the equipment you use. A fool with a tool is still a fool, but to overcome the fool, you should at least know your tool.

Within the ‘Gear & Technology’ section of my web-page, I would like to share my experiences in the filed with you and explain selected technical topics in a Blog-Like style.

This includes

  • Basics of photography works in the field
  • Reviews of selected gear
  • Best practices and photographic tutorials
  • Recommendations

...as well as a blend of all of this!

Enjoy reading and PLEASE let me know, if you´d like to have an article on a certain topic.


Table of Content

08.06.2012 - Review of the Sunwayfoto XB-52 Low-Profile Ballhead

20.12.2012 - Using In-Camera Multiple Exposure for the Elimination of Reflections